Health Guarantee

Black Partridge Kennel offers a twenty-six (26) month guarantee on hips and eyes.  The OFA and CERF rules are the determining factors of your puppy’s hip and eye condition.  We guarantee that your puppy’s hips will have an OFA rating of fair of better when you have your dog tested at 24 months.  We guarantee that your dog will be free of retinal dysplasia for the first 26 months.  This warranty only applies to congenital, hereditary defects.  Injury to the dog voids this warranty.

If your dog does not have a clear CERF and or OFA rating of FAIR, GOOD, or EXCELLENT for the first 26 months, we will replace it with a puppy of equal or better breeding.  The OFA and/or CERF documentation and all registration papers must be provided to obtain a refund.

This guarantee is not transferable if your dog is sold in the first 26 months.  The guarantee is null and void if you breed your dog before they are 24 months of age and without healthy clearances.